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Direct Lease of Imported Equipment

◆Project background

A Grade III Class-A comprehensive hospital in China intended to purchase a CT equipment for cardiovascular and coronary artery examinations supplied by a famous overseas medical equipment manufacturer and a linear accelerator for cancer therapy supplied by a domestic distributor with medical equipment as its main business. As the two sets of imported equipment costed a lot, the hospital planned to purchase them through financial leasing.

◆Transaction structure and leasing scheme

This case took these two sets of imported medical equipment as lease objects, which were then leased to the hospital after Shanghai Electric Leasing purchased them from suppliers. Before the delivery of equipment, the hospital paid 20% of the down payment to suppliers directly, followed by 60% of the payment by our company to suppliers. The lease started after this payment, and the rest 20% of the payment was paid after arrival of the equipment. The hospital paid the rent monthly during the 5-year period of the lease.

◆Service effect

The hospital was thus enable to use the cutting-edge Siemens CT equipment and linear accelerator earlier, effectively satisfying the needs of local patients for immediate treatment and increasing the hospital's revenue, which rose by 15% in the very year.

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